Publications, Research and Articles

AACSB EMEA Conference, “Making Social Impact‟, Malta, Oct. 2017 
EFMD Bachelors Conference, “Challenges of digitalisation for education: how can we evolve to provide the education for the future?‟, Nottingham, Sep. 2017
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Gruenbaum, R. (2009) The Classroom 2.0: how new technologies are changing the way we communicate and learn, Future of Learning Conference, Ashridge, August
Gruenbaum, R. (2009) Technology and the Recession: how new technology is changing the way we do business, EFMD Meeting for Deans and Directors General, Milan, January
Gruenbaum, R. (2008) Technology and the Recession: why business schools need to embrace new technology now, EFMD Emerging Technologies for Management Education Seminar, Brussels, December
Gruenbaum, R. (2008) Business Schools 2.0, AACSB International Development and Communication Conference, Chicago, March
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Gruenbaum, R. (2007) Meeting Challenges for Business Schools, CEEMAN Deans and Directors Meeting, Istanbul, September
Gruenbaum, R. (2007) Websites and Online Marketing, EFMD External Relations Meeting, Barcelona, March

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